3 tips to cure a cough without drug – simple but effective

A persistent cough lasts forever nor Western drug, drink from must be the thing that presumes who were coughing all feel very nervous and uncomfortable.

Do not need to cough medicines cure tips, extremely simple but high efficiency will reduce the spasm and do completely the symptoms of a dry cough, cough has phlegm-things that conventional Western medicine can’t help you. Have you been coughing from allergies and want to know the tips to cure is not taking the drug can refer more effective allergy cough cure at home.

The article natural medicine works very well and has health benefits should be from time immemorial people have used them instead of the current drugs.

Here is the cure for a cough does not need our medication you read together references!

  1. Lemon Basil Leaves and sugar

Lemon Basil leaves as a cough cure tips do not need medication when combined with sugar.

Usage: Use a little fresh lemon basil leaves, washed, chopped bring cleaning water with the sugar to form a mixture has a viscous medium. Great-grandson takes water and drinks each day will relieve spasm.

  1. Garlic and honey

Garlic is not only used in the cooking of the dishes but also as an or. With essential substances in garlic have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory abilities high, garlic is considered a drug article from nature very close proximity, a cough cure tips without using drugs.

For a little garlic smashing slamming into the Cup, add honey and garlic intake provides horizontal cleaning until forming a mixture make, let it cool and use every day 2-3 times to achieve the best results.

  1. Orange peel

Instead, dispose of orange peel after eating then please retain for use as needed as this is a cough cure tips do not need smoking very effectively. Fresh orange peel roasted up and eat while still hot will warm your throat and the cough also fell gradually, no longer as frequently as before, helping you feel more pleasant than taking the drug.

Tips to cure a cough does not need drugs will show you are not smoking at Western is how effective cure. The drug should be used only after you have tried all the drug article from nature that is still not effective, we are sure you will not need the medication. You want to read more other effective cough cure especially ho have phlegm can refer more to have effective phlegm cough cure tips instant of us General earlier.

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