4 simple tips to help you save energy your refrigerator

Along with the development of society and on request an enhanced quality of life, refrigerators have become indispensable items for each family, it helped women save time, do good work and housewives family health care more efficient. But along with the benefits of this widgets bring it also leads the women of headaches because of the possibility of large power consumption of it

Select the refrigerator helps to save electricity
The choice of refrigerator suit plays a very important role in helping you save electricity efficiency. Today the market sells a wide variety of different refrigerators, so you need to choose for themselves the type of refrigerator suit just to improve quality, effective use of the medium can save energy in the best way. Therefore, when buying a refrigerator you need Note:

-Choose the type of refrigerator can use consistent with demand, the fridge is too small will not be enough for you to use but large fridge too will make electricity consumption more than that;

– Select the refrigerator light will save electricity rather than freezer refrigerator do dark colors dark colors absorb heat better;

– View the technical specifications of the fridge to choose the type of potentially better power saving. 

Store food properly to save electricity

To save your refrigerator, you should not be too full of quality food in cabinets, between the food need to snap out of a gap to cold air can for save, power loss will drop; hot food (such as rice, hot water heater, hot food) is to cool the new must give in the refrigerator if not they will do in the cabinet temperature rises too fast do waste more electricity; In particular, you should use food packaging made of metal instead of plastic due to the cold lead to better features, so the time for cooling will be shortened, your are saving more.

Besides, you should note that, in the case of food needed to keep only a small area, cold Chamber to save electricity, you should use the plastic foam filled to keep the cold Chamber in order to narrow the space for cooling of the fridge, helpless power consumption while the foam plastic pieces are almost non-conditioning.

To cool the refrigerator compartment with a little ice, the frozen food you are about to use to contribute to keep the cold in this pane, limit the operation of cold processing parts due to temperature are, from that save electricity better.

Sanitary refrigerator regularly to save electricity

Need regular hygienic protection b. refrigerator about 1-2 months/times to bacteria, mold has no conditions arise; Proceed to clean the rubber edge of the section in the door of the refrigerator carefully will help keep the rubber part durability, close snugly, not the steam conditioning many losses to refrigerator operation, better power-saving.

Regularly cleaning the dirt, clinging and accumulates on the surface of hot-staging, cooler, filter, pour off the water cavity due to the cooling process created … to heat exchanges, air conditioning make better faster and consume less power. However, when conducting sanitary refrigerator, you need to make sure the source is cut completely to safety.

At the same time, next to memberships sanitary refrigerator periodically, every year once you should check the amount of cooling air and gas if gas shortages are timely additions, if not the main cause of electric power consuming and faked, the longevity of the fridge.

Limit on/off, open the refrigerator to save electricity

In the process of using the fridge, to save on electricity, you should limit disconnect the fridge away from the power source and turn on/off the refrigerator frequently because each launch will spend a large amount of power. In the case of long days without resorting to the fridge, then disconnect the power source but the need to clean up, food in cabinets, closets, and cabinets to dry sanitation then closed, using material covered with dust cover above.

At the same time, you need to restrict opening the refrigerator and freezer doors open for too long because when opening the air conditioning inside the cabinets will very quickly with convection hot air outside the Cabinet, making the temperature in the Cabinet. Meanwhile, cooling parts to increase the time, performance caused more power consumption, long the longer lifetime of the fridge.

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