5 tips for Officer learning English effectively

     1. Determine the goal
With people going to do, set goals when learning English is important. If not, they will ease boredom or because too busy which is suspended.

To set goals, you need to answer three questions: my job required using English? If English, I can make a good position? Had I the opportunity to use fluent English? The answer to this question, your language learning process will clear, more effective.

  1. Learning English course for people working

Time learning to speak English is how long depends on the initial level and the efforts of individual people. Usually, people have basic will need a minimum of 8 months to a year to reach the target.

Those who want to learn from the beginning, let’s start by learning English pronunciation. You can learn through the dictionary, Youtube video. For efficiency, the first stage you should study every day, maintaining an approximately 2-3 week.

  1. Learning 1,000 basic English vocabulary in 2 months

Learn vocabulary fairly strenuous and requires concentration, hard. However, after this process, you will find learning English a lot easier.

You need to prepare a book of the play, each day burned 20-50 from depending on ability. On the first, 50-copy from, all copy, dictionary, select 2 of the popular meaning, and then set the example. Following that, in learning from this and copy to add 50 more, but scored only transcribed, not pressed, nor for example.

Day 2: You review of early days, not words, that in a sense of the story. X 50 from copied today before, learning, for example, and copy more next back to 50 words.

  1. How to learn English grammar

With the basic communication objectives, the study does not need to be too focused on grammar, just grasp the sentence structure, from the …

You can use the English grammar book of Mai Lan Huong and Nguyen Thanh Loan. The book compiled by Vietnamese but detailed content, rich exercises. The second book is the Grammar for IELTS of Cambridge. You will do a test post just to see his books in the wrong part and learn the theory of that part. If have time, use both of his books to bring higher efficiency.

The principle when grammar school: may not need to do all the book but learned to somewhat sure that part, do the exercises, not to be missed.

  1. Listening and speaking method

With this skill, there’s no way is that you have to create yourself a practice environment. Here are some references:

Listen to the news in English. At first, you may not understand a native speaker says something but let the ears familiar with English. After a while, you focus, grasp the keyword in the post. Each day spend a minimum of 15-20 minutes for listening ears.

Read newspapers. You need to read that article, rather than just read with the naked eye. As such, you will catch the brain uses both the vocabulary, grammar, phonics as well as increasing the ability to speak English.

Watch the movie. There are many movies or help you learn English effectively. When hearing the phrase in the movie, please immediately said according to increase the ability to pronounce and say. Some movies you can refer to as Friends, How I meet your mother, Extra English …

Create the environment speaking. If leverage is an English-speaking environment right at the company, learning foreign languages will be very favorable. If not, you can join the English club. Create an English-speaking environment as much as possible.

If the above methods are still not effective for you, maybe because you lack motivation, the determination. At the moment, you can find to the English Learning Center for guidance and have a specific learning environment.

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