6 tips to use air conditioning energy saving for the most durable

Automatic electronic equipment is indispensable for the families in this hot summer days. However, the capacity of great conditioner so it “up” a lot of the family’s power. So you need to know how to use air conditioning to save electricity. Here are 6 tips to use air conditioning energy saving for that you should know.

Do not let the temperature too low
Here’s how to use air conditioning energy saving and efficiency. To save power, you should not regulate temperature too low. Just waste energy just makes you and your loved ones with the respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs, flu … You should aircondition at 27 or 28 degrees C, you can also use the included with fan, exhaust fans will save electricity.

Air-condition rooms must be sealed

If you turn on the a/c just open the window or open the door too many times to do the cold lost his escape led to wasted electricity. Therefore, to save electricity when using the air conditioner, you shouldn’t just turn on automatic opening and attention have to do a tight slit window.

Turn off the air conditioner the right way

Have you turned off the air conditioner the right way? Most people are turned off by remote control and think that mediation will not consume more power. But you were wrong, the machine still consumes an amount of power that you don’t even know. To prevent this situation only one way is you have to turn off Automat. This is the secret to using air conditioning power savings not everyone knows.

Left a note for you when using the air conditioner it should not turn the regulator too many times. This would consume quite a lot of power because the air conditioning is in need of a great energy to be able to restart your computer. Therefore you should keep your room temperature stable level.

Select the appropriate capacity to an area of the room you

Here is the manual air conditioning energy saver easy for not everyone knows. If the room is small you should select the type of low-capacity chemistry thing, you consider the following formula 1m2 corresponds to 500 BTU, just so that multiple.

Regular hygiene and air condition

Regular conditioner hygiene is also one of the ways to use automatic save electricity are many families apply. Usually, after 3 summer months use conditioner you should them a hygiene or if no time you can call the Oiler to the warranty. Because if things turned too much dirt sticking to it would impede the exchange of heat and the tracks of the cold. Therefore, though you have to adjust the temperature in the low levels that it still does not cool the room, leading to more power consumption.

Select the location of the air-condition is suitable

Many people often air-condition in the hottest positions and think so then his room will be cooled more quickly. Thinking of you completely wrong because this location the machine must operate more and synonymous with its power also increased. You should select the air-condition in the East or North side of the House, where little sunlight shining directly on.

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