8 solutions for fast and efficient liquor

Tips to avoid drunk
Please know their options, to know people know me, just enough to drink, avoid drinking too much, being drug drunk.
Speak the word decline when necessary to avoid being drug drunk.
Not drinking when the abdomen is still hungry, this is easy to prevent you being intoxicated and prone to stomach pain.

After each battle to cheer with friends and colleagues or clients is the time you are faced with negative feelings such as fatigue, leaving the body, dizziness, nausea, Dizzy head, stomach cramps the whole song like once things have in the belly out. So how to get back the life-force have been withdrawing exhausted due to alcohol and all the inherent only because you need to get back to normal living and working right tomorrow. Here are 8 ways fast and effective alcohol Award for helping you regain form quickly.

  1. If there is a feeling of nausea, try to vomit all that can, don’t suppress because spit is a natural reaction of the body to detoxify itself. Say is a State of alcohol intoxication.
  2. Should not drink the anti-nausea drugs as contributing to keeping the toxins in the body causing the liver not function up to filter toxins in time. The poison will stasis read again harm the liver to long lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  3. Energy supplements right for your body by a bowl of porridge or soup after vomiting to sodium and potassium salts replenish the body can suffer losses. One way to help the body reduce fatigue and reduce stomach cramps cause discomfort.
  4. Drink a cup of water filter grew on the following morning, here’s how to help purge the body of waste, toxins and replenish the water for the body. As you know alcohol makes you suffer through much hellish water. Therefore, after a drunk when woke up people always look to the first nation.
  5. Please drink a glass of vitamins. In fruit juices contain a lot of sugar fructose have the effect of solving alcohol quickly. Especially the Banana Smoothie General grind the honey the better because bananas are additional sources of minerals and nutrients to the body very good besides additional honey fructose to the body.
  6. Remember breakfast includes coffee because caffeine in coffee reduces the phenomenon of blood vessels in the head, bulging to cause tension headaches. This also makes the mind become awake, lightheadedness, suppressing the sleepy.
  7. Artichoke tea contains many substances that help the wine very well. Please drink a cup Artichoke tea helps heat the body to sweat out your gut and render better relief of pain due to cramps.
  8. The next morning you may still want to sleep. However decide the region up out of bed, walk a few laps around the House or around where you live. Gentle mobilization so that will help the body to produce endorphin analgesic substances are substances naturally help the body more elated, dispel the feeling tired half life left.

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