8 tips for using aspirin convenience and surprise

Extreme life tips and surprise with aspirin in this article will help you have more recipes or solve the difficulties in life. Aspirin or Acetylsalicylic Acid is also called types of pain medication, it is also one of the drugs were found early in the history. But don’t just stop there, Aspirin also helps you are for many things in life that you will be surprised. Let’s explore this secret.

    1. Aspirin helps to bleach stains due to perspiration
Stains on clothing due to excessive sweating cause prompting your clothes to become yellowed and less beautiful. You use 1 tablet of aspirin (depending on the amount of clothing that used more or less), soluble with warm water and then for clothes to soak for 15 minutes and then taking out dry as usual. It will give you unexpected results.

  1. Aspirin help remove soap scum in the bathroom

If you do not want the soap scum to ruin the aesthetics of your home’s bath, grind 5 aspirin and sprayed the entire area is dirty in the bathroom, to so for 30 minutes, then you can easily remove all the dirt with a cloth.

  1. Aspirin helps keep the flowers fresh longer

The life cycle of a vase of fresh flowers is quite short, even when you take care of it very carefully. To make the flowers are fresh for longer, you take an aspirin with water into the vase, flowers will be fresh for longer.

  1. Aspirin helps reduce insect bites

Like pimples, insect bites is marked by redness, itching and sometimes have the sensation. You can use aspirin to remove this annoying guy. Soluble 1 tablets of aspirin in 1 tablespoon water, and lather up insect bites, you will see traces of burning abated.

  1. Aspirin helps fix cars

If the battery-power runs out and no one was around to help you, if available a couple of Aspirin in the car, you can “fire” situations do not le. Just drop 2 Aspirin into the battery-acid, the reductive acetyl-CoA-Salicylic in Sulphuric acid combined with Aspirin will of accumulator-to create a small amount of power “sufficient use” to boot the machine. After the launch of the car, you run to the nearest car repair to repair!

  1. The effects of Aspirin in reducing acne

With components from salicylic acid, Aspirin is also very good effects in improving the condition of acne. Salicylic acid help cleanses the pores, removing dead skin cells and heal the wounds quickly. Therefore, you can treat acne quickly with antibiotics.

  1. The effect of Aspirin helps protect skin

Aspirin contains a fat-soluble ingredient commonly used in the production of white products and skin cleansers. The salicylic acid can eliminate dead cells, and oil is the enemy of the Nodular Acne as well as psoriasis. In addition, it also made clear the pores and reduces the skin damage, redness. 

  1. The effect of Aspirin in the treatment of dandruff

As we all know, aspirin contains salicylic acid – this is a chemical that can provide many uses. It has the ability to keep humidity very well and can reduce the formation of dandruff on your hair. To get rid of dandruff, you should crush two Aspirin and mix them with shampoo. Obliterate this mix up the hair and to thus about 2 minutes, then rinse and shampoo the mixture again for cleaning. It can solve the problem of dandruff on your scalp that’s very effective.

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