The risks when participating life Insurance

Who’s who among us would like to have a fun and happy life alongside the lovers often. But life can not foresee what are, ourselves or a loved one may be experiencing many problems, unfortunately. So do yourself you can rest assured, you can join some life insurance package.

But before joining you should read through this article to limit these risks as well as protect their interests by participating life insurance.


The life insurance contract is a contract concluded between the life insurance business and customers participating life insurance. The customer undertakes to pay insurance premiums on time, the insurer must commit to paying or compensation in the event of the insured event has been determined in the insurance contract.


Conditions of participation very simple life insurance, audience participation is the life insurance customers in age can be covered, have the appropriate health status, have the ability to close the premium is you can join human insurance tho.


When the insured you may encounter some risks such as:

– When you read the contract carefully not profile you will easily fall into the article about being without knowledge. So before you subscribe please read carefully to avoid you getting and not getting anything, have the place to note or the phrase don’t understand you must ask the right people counseling.

– Before the term that you want to terminate, you will receive very little money there when the hole about himself.

– You must truly be truthful when declared on the items in the contract because if you mistake you will probably not receive insurance money when the incident occurred.

– Prior to the contract, you must understand yourself and the family should buy any Service Pack, if buy wrong service pack that the accident is not in the Service Pack, you will not get anything.


Life insurance products are diverse but focused on three groups: groups defend the cumulative investment group and the combined group. Each product group has many outstanding benefits. In General, life insurance could bring fundamental benefits as follows:

For customers:

Help protect your family, protect the person insured client has obligation to nurture. When risks may not occur for the insured person, the human family, the insurance will be guaranteed revenue from insurance payments help them overcome difficulties and ensure life.

Help the insured person and family may make the plan for the future: for the child to go to College in the country or abroad, buy a home, purchase a car, …

Join some of the life insurance products in the product line of investment-linked insurance products, such as the common link. Unit-linked just to mean protection, just had to help the insured person performs investment activities.

Fact, this form of investment trusts for insurance companies in terms of insured person does not have the conditions and ability to invest.

For social:

Is a channel to attract private capital back to the economy. In conditions of a country are having more difficulty in attracting capital to economic development such as Vietnam at present, then it is more meaningful than ever.

Contribute to creating employment for society: creating thousands of jobs for employees, consultants are recognized social insurance and appreciate.

Contribute creates a beautiful lifestyle in society when participating life insurance. Responsibility for yourself, with your family and the community. Because the meaning of sharing risks with life insurance products with the purpose of saving, investment, engagement, meaning social orientation to a more civilized lifestyle, more human.

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